Plotless Violence

Me: I'm gonna put some words in your mouth, as opposed to men's p-nii. But first, gonna go number twosies. And you needed to know that.
P: Well, knock yourself out.
Me: Oh, I'm not gonna "go" quite that hard.
P: How 'bout a story about an alternate universe where Hitler was born decades later, and he's reading the Mein Kampf in a comedy nightclub, and all the Jews are all like, "Ha, ha, he's right, we ARE tight with our money!" and the black people are all like, "Ha, ha, he's right, we ARE arrested disproportionately often per capita!" ...Try and keep an open mind.
Me: I opened my mind once. It took 20 cranial stitches and a metal plate and the doctors still aren't sure how I survived.
P: It's about how things are ridiculous when taken out of context.
Me: Why can't they just be born white? I did it, and I wasn't even trying. First time, too. Actually, I used to be black but I talked back this one time and my mama slapped it off me.

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