Plotless Violence

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WEBCOMICS: - Archives of an amazing, though dead and forgotten webcomic. This stuff will warp you, in a good way. by Jack McLaren and Pat Spacek
- A bit of superb comic.
- Jeffrey Rowland's (author of ) "true" stories about life in Oklahoma.
Here are some other Keenspace Comics featuring fight scenes:

- Free downloadable videos of 5-7 minute Kung-fu fights (mostly a Wushu-Capoeria mix). This stuff is AMAZING, professional and equally as good or better than the best of Jackie Chan and Jet Li at their primes!, plus it's near-plotless violence, so you see why I like it. Starring Tony Chu, Sam Looc, Ken Quitugua,Roy Chen, Tiffany Reyes, Lianne Lin, Kerry Wong, Larry Leong, Pong Yen, Aaron Toney, Reuben Langdon, Samuel Yu, Vincent Lee, Ilram Choi, Ken Ohara, Greg Wong, Billy Shih, Tom Parrish, Phill Casias, Jennifer Pasetes, Quinn Aguirre, Wesley Yue, Anthony Phan, Joe Grasso, Greg Sakakura, Tony DeSouza, Erin Morris, Justin Ewen, Duanne Barbour, Darian Vorlick, Cliff Seminerio, Lateef Crowder, and Bruce Khan (hey, for the stuff these guys put out, they all deserve credit).
- Tons of downloadable clips from classic Shaw Brothers kung fu movies. Very sweet, and totally in compliance with 15 USC 107 Fair Use under the Copyright Act, says so right at the top of the page!
- More Kung Fu clips, this time with a wierd Japanese Tokusatsu wrestling flair (but cool). Starring Larry Leong, Ken Ohara, Akihiro Haga, Aaron Toney, and Sam Yu.
- For those of you who do not get Comedy Central (and are unfamiliar enough with file sharing programs to compensate for this), here is a link to archives of video clips from the greatest television show in existence.
- Homestar Runner: The best flash animation site on the 'net, by the creative Brothers Chaps.

- probably the best 2D fighter ever, and it's free. I can't calculate how many gpa points I've sacrificed playing this when I should have been paying attention in class. Animation and graphics are beautiful, especially since Capoeria itself (used by everyone except the unlockable bosses) is a gorgeous style. The game is simple to play but surprisingly complex; the stamina gauge that determines your character's speed (and by extension, combo length) makes you strategize with the tag-team mechanic, and all the characters are varied in look, moves, reach, speed, power, and stamina. While there are special moves, there are no projectile attacks, and the stamina gauge that affects your attacking speed makes it harder to complete combos as you get slower, requiring strategic decisions to tag in your partner in the tag team mode. The hit detection is likewise superb, because the way the game makes the correct decision as to which move should take priority when two collide makes the fights look real.

- The best website ever made, or ever will be made. Use these if you want to link to me.