Plotless Violence




Buy a Plotless Violence book! What you've none been clamoring for! Why get for free what you could pay for! There may be some sketches not good enough to be made into the comic proper or something. Buy one for all your fireplaces! Click to find out how to order!

(Not "men's" shirts, because women can wear anything.)

A shirt with P theMiddle's slogan.

(Con)Artist Pollock's overpriced junk actually put to good use: spilled food or drink of any color blends right in, you clumsy fatty.

A separate form of the Pollock shirt, for those who spill mostly coffee, colas, beer, and spittle from heroin overdoses on themselves. Also gives Snake a +15% camo index rating in woodland habitats.

The Classic. Of course, it's also the bigger head that's right more often...

You wouldn't believe how many registered trademarks already use the word "Logo" in various diagrams, but as far as I know, none have the L and G in blockface and the o's in zeroes.

(Although attractive women don't actually have to wear anything.)BR>

Identifying yourselves solves so much for the rest of us.

Only funny if you have huge knockers, but you also have to get mad at men for staring--unless they're attractive men, then "accidentally" spill your drink all over your chest.

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