Plotless Violence

General Vote Rewards

A test comic of what my rant-conversations would look like in Penny-Arcade format. Didn't turn out so well, mainly because the conversation I chose wasn't short and snippy enough. But still, I think that this as a series would do better then PV (i.e., be more popular). But I'm not making PV for YOU...

A bit of public service announcing:

An illustration of the Jar-Jar Syndrome, the tendency of Vinewood or Videogame execs to push their horrible ideas, impervious to all criticism even when EVERYONE tells them it's wrong:

This was a guest strip submission I used as a votereward for awhile. It took me four hours and was the best thing I had drawn up until this point and it still wasn't good enough to get posted on the main page. Gotta imagine that woulda been a blow to the 'ol self esteem unit if my college roommates hadn't systematically erradicated mine (Thanks, P! Thanks, JSM!).

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